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Hudu Health

Health Care So Fun And Familiar Its Part Of The Fam

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Who we are

We are two moms, with 6 kids between us, who actively teach our families about problem solving and creativity. How? A combination of distraction and inspiration.

We are two Chartered Accountants, each having walked different paths in our careers, but still coming to the same conclusion. We measure our success by our long-term happiness.

We are two entrepreneurs, always looking for opportunities to build, create and nurture ideas. We take what is presented to us and rebuild, and if we cannot find it we design, invent, pray that it works, cry a bit, worry about cash flow a lot and then patiently wait. Sometimes the ideas work, sometimes they don’t but we remind ourselves about our aforementioned measure of success.

And this company, Hudu Health you ask?

We are going to take the ‘meh’ out of the health care industry. Mobility aids should not just be for the elderly, worry about your knees now! Bandages are not always beige and blah, but a mark of accomplishment, some good some bad. Watch this space! Our wee-wee are the tea-leaves of our bodies, indicating a plethora of things, and it should not always be expensive to find these things out!

We are not a ‘brand’, where brand implies a level of expense, esteem and aloofness (let’s call it Everest for the sake of this discussion). No, we are going to take “the Hills” approach. Does your family love it, are you happy with our products and would you refer us? That’s all that matters.

Our company is baked in family life, so are our products.

Introducing KNEEPAL

The Knee Cushion

An ergonomically designed Knee cushion that contours around your knees, providing comfort for all those jobs that require kneeling!

It’s the perfect companion for bathing kids, gardening and DIY tasks. It’s easy to clean and store and is incredibly durable. “It’s like kneeling on a marshmallow!”


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