Introducing Kneepal, the only kneeling pad designed to take your weight off your knees and place it on your shins.

Its contoured around your knees for better grip and comfort and is the handiest tool for any task that requires kneeling.

Whether you are bathing your children, gardening, cleaning, working in the garage or a tradesman there are endless uses and benefits to this handy tool. Its a household essential because the universal truth is every one hates to kneel!

This is the perfect gift for anyone and will always come in handy.

Colours Available:



Light Grey

Kneepal Kneeler

Designed for extended kneeling comfort


24cm x 38cm x 6cm
9.4in x 14.9in x 2.4in




Contoured around knees for better grip.
Weight is placed on your shin not the knee cap giving more comort for extended kneeling.
Suitable for all weight and sizes.

Made From

A high quality polyurethane foam with water-resistant coating



Light Grey

Colors Available:

Kneepal Kneeler

Key Features of Kneepal

  • Thickest Kneeler on the Market

  • Kneepal boasts a remarkable 2.4inches of thickness, providing a substantial buffer between your knees and the earth

  • One Size – Designed for all body types, regardless of size or age
  • Kneepal Kneeler is uniquely contoured around your knees, ensuring better grip and comfort during prolonged kneeling
  • The only kneeler on the market with a design that takes pressure off your knees
  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Easy to carry with convenient handle
  • Multi-use – perfect for indoor and outdoor use and for all household kneeling jobs
  • Easy to store – just pack away when done


I got given a Kneepal as a birthday present. I have used it for the last 6 years and my knees have been saved! I love being outdoors in the garden and it doesn’t feel like so much of a chore anymore. Thank you to the designers for such a great & handy product. Its my go to gift!

Jill P, Cape Town South Africa

I use my Kneepal for gardening, working on my car & DIY. Its a really handy product to have around, and takes up such little space to store. Really fantastic product

James H, London UK

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Knee Friendly Tips

Choose the Right Tools:

If you are gardening opt for ergonomic gardening tools to reduce strain on your knees. Lightweight and well-designed tools can make a significant difference in your gardening comfort.

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Use Knee Pads or Kneelers:

In addition to Kneepal, consider using knee pads or cushions for added support. Layering protection ensures that your knees stay pain-free, even during prolonged kneeling sessions.

Knee Icon

Take Breaks and Stretch:

Break up your work tasks and take short breaks to stretch your legs. Gentle stretches can prevent stiffness and promote flexibility, contributing to overall joint health.

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Mindful Kneeling Techniques:

When using Kneepal, remember to distribute your weight evenly and practice mindful kneeling techniques. This ensures maximum comfort and support for your knees.

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Incorporate Knee-Friendly Plants:

If you use the Kneepal for gardening choose low-maintenance plants that require less time kneeling or bending. Container gardening or vertical gardening options can also reduce the strain on your knees.

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