The saying it takes 21 days to break a habit, and 90 days to form a lifestyle is true. The hardest part is starting. Here are a few goals we can set for ourselves over these upcoming weeks.


  1. Try a mental health challenge

Start the day thinking only positive encouraging thoughts. Everytime you think of that same old recurring negative thought for longer than 5 seconds, you need to start the day again tomorrow.

By the end of 2 weeks you should be mentally fit and allowing yourself more positive outcomes instead of being overwhelmed.


  1. Try a physical challenge

On day 1, do 10 situps (or more if you are more fit)

On day 2, do 10 situps and 10 pushups

Keep adding an activity (even if its more reps) every day. By day 14 you should feel like a new you. Just try not to eat the contents of your fridge as distraction while you are stuck at home. has fantastic 21 day fitness/exercise challenges based on your fitness level.


  1. Put some deposits in the sleep bank

If you can try go to bed an hour earlier every night. There are countless and unlimited benefits to allowing ourselves more rest and recovery. For one it makes us look younger, and two it boosts the immune system- the latter being pretty important right about now.


  1. Spring-clean

Yes, even tidying up is exercise for some. For tips on how to do this read our spring cleaning article off the website.


  1. Get into the habit of self-improvement

Make time, 30 mins or more, of your day dedicated to self-improvement. Reading and learning are always time well spent. Even if the reading is some paperback fiction novel, reading has been shown to improve cognitive processes and connections in the brain making us sharper talkers and thinkers.


  1. Take a gratitude challenge

List 3 things every day that you are grateful for and place them in a high-traffic area for all the family to see. Let everyone take part.


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