The Hips and Knees

Walking laterally (side to side) in a slightly squat position works the outer thigh muscles or abductor muscles. These dictate hip movements. Strong abductor muscles also keep the knee in place and not caving side to side (think of two spoke holding a wheel, where a wheel is only supposed to operate in a circular motion). Add a resistance band to increase the workout.

Leg extensions are an exercise you can do anywhere and requires no equipment, other than a chair.

Sitting down on a chair, extend one leg at a time straight in front of you, returning to the bent seated position. Do this with both legs for at least 12 repetitions. This stabilizes and strengthens the knee joint.

leg extent 2 leg extent


Back aches and pain

Lie down on your back, knees bent. Thrust your hips in the air and perform a set of 15 leg extensions. Repeat 3x. If you cannot do 3 sets, see how far you go with the first few attempts and work from there. It’s about progress not perfection.

back 2 back 1

A foam roller is an excellent tool used to massage the larger muscle groups as well as work those achy and uncomfortable knots. By placing the foam roller under your back and lying on top of it, places the body’s weight on the roller and be design the perfect pressure massage. Releasing tight muscles in your back improves posture and spinal alignment.

Shoulders and rotator cuff

Keeping shoulders flexible and limber is important as this area is prone to aches and may be over extended during exercises. Attach a resistance band to a door knob keeping the door closed. Standing perpendicular to the door and using the hand furtherest away, pull the band with your bent arm in and out. Repeat for a set of 15. Then move to the band to the hand nearest the door, pulling towards your stomach and out again. Repeat for 15.

Shoulder presses are also excellent exercises. Holding a dumbbell or weight suitable for your strength levels extend your arms up in an upward motion Repeat 10x.

door 1

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