Teach your kids to be grateful

Teach your kids to be grateful

Zig Ziglar said gratefulness is the healthiest of all human emotions, and as parents its one emotion we tend not to prioritize.

Teach your kids to be grateful, to find happiness with what they have and not what they want. Does it matter if your kids don’t have everything? What message are we sending them about happiness by continually feeding that habit?

Mom, as you kneel alongside the bath at bathtime tell your kids that you are grateful for them and this moment.

Teach them to be happy within themselves, their internal GPS of Joy based on their own actions and thoughts; not dependent on external factors which may come and go with the weather. Focus on your child’s sense of self and ask him what he values. The clearer picture he has of himself and who he is as a person makes him less inclined to be influenced, hurt or led astray.

And mom, as you kneel to perform your gardening tasks be grateful for the nurturing environment you choose to create: a happy home; good health and peace of mind.

Teach your kids they deserve to be happy; even if they don’t comprehend the lesson at the time; eventually it will sink in when that moment comes (and everyone has that moment at some point in your life; mine was quitting a job). Finding happiness is a habit, so stick your head out from time to time and look for it; though the view is lonely at times, the air is better up there.

And mom next time you are scrubbing floors on your knees; look for the joy in the moment: that order brings clarity and a clean home serenity.

Moms, dads, kids – choose to measure your success by your long term level of happiness. Happiness is gratefulness. The more grateful you are the happier you are.

So next time you kneel with whatever your task is, remember this lesson and choose to be grateful.

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