5 Tips For Raising Independent Children

independent children

Allowing kids to make their own decisions is a critical part of the learning process and helps give them perspective when mom and dad talk about that magical and mythical word called “experience”. Here are five tips for raising independent children: Start by Trying By encouraging your kids to give it a go, builds their […]

Gardening with Kids

tips for raising independent children

Teaching kids about gardening encourages an appreciation for nature from a young age. It also shows the impact of putting effort into something and seeing a result. It shows awareness of where our food comes from as well and a skill that will always provide for you. How do we start? Designate an area of […]

Teach your kids to be grateful

Teach your kids to be grateful

Teach your kids to be grateful Zig Ziglar said gratefulness is the healthiest of all human emotions, and as parents its one emotion we tend not to prioritize. Teach your kids to be grateful, to find happiness with what they have and not what they want. Does it matter if your kids don’t have everything? […]