The best exercises for improving your joints and preventing injuries

The Hips and Knees Walking laterally (side to side) in a slightly squat position works the outer thigh muscles or abductor muscles. These dictate hip movements. Strong abductor muscles also keep the knee in place and not caving side to side (think of two spoke holding a wheel, where a wheel is only supposed to […]

Gardening with Kids

Teaching kids about gardening encourages an appreciation for nature from a young age. It also shows the impact of putting effort into something and seeing a result. It shows awareness of where our food comes from as well and a skill that will always provide for you. How do we start? Designate an area of […]

Make Your Own Compost

Being conscious of what your environmental impact is a necessity as we feel the effects of global warming. Start by responsibly reducing your waste at home.  Just like the human body a flourishing garden requires being fed regularly with the right nutrients. Feed your garden with homemade compost and reap the rewards throughout the year. […]