Doing DIY while on lockdown

DIY is a fantastic way to keep busy and have the satisfaction that you have achieved something with your spare time. As we head into this compulsory lockdown due to COVID-19 some of us will

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Kneepal Versatility

The Kneepal is a versatile and useful addition to your household. It’s a contoured kneeling pad designed to take reduce knee injuries by taking pressure off your knee cap and placing it on your shin.

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Kneepal is the perfect gift – here is why

Because we use our knees every day, that enable us to live active, fulfilling lives we cannot prescribe a more useful, valuable and adaptable product to buy and use every day.   No chocolates and

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Paint is split into water or oil/solvent-based. Anything with oil takes longer to dry and generally more forgiving on older and uneven surfaces. With water-based (as the name suggests) is easy to wash off with

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