The best exercises for improving your joints and preventing injuries

The Hips and Knees Walking laterally (side to side) in a slightly squat position works the outer thigh muscles or abductor muscles. These dictate hip movements. Strong abductor muscles also keep the knee in place and not caving side to side (think of two spoke holding a wheel, where a wheel is only supposed to […]

Gardening with Kids

Teaching kids about gardening encourages an appreciation for nature from a young age. It also shows the impact of putting effort into something and seeing a result. It shows awareness of where our food comes from as well and a skill that will always provide for you. How do we start? Designate an area of […]

Tips for avoiding a knee replacement!

Arthroplasty (surgical replacement of the joint) is most frequently performed on the knee given its location and the fact that it holds the body’s weight. It’s not surprising that knees are the first joints to show stress. Knee injuries and arthritis are a pandemic that affect the young and old combined. Women are statistically more likely to suffer […]

Guide to growing tomatoes and a Roman Recipe for the best Tomato sauce

My Grandmother always used to say, “knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a salad”. Though tomatoes are technically a fruit, as usefulness goes tomatoes are an essential element of a vegetable garden. They are about the easiest vegetable to grow and are a fantastic starter vegetable for […]

6 Every Day and Easy Tips for Better Health

Be outdoors more – gardening, going for walks or having 10 mins of Vit DD every day is medically proven to improve bone density, elevate signs of anxiety, stress and depression, improve focus and boost your immune system.   Go to bed 30 mins earlier every day. Sleep deprivation as well as excessive sugar ages […]