Kneepal Versatility

The Kneepal is a versatile and useful addition to your household. It’s a contoured kneeling pad designed to take reduce knee injuries by taking pressure off your knee cap and placing it on your shin.

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Kneepal is the perfect gift – here is why

Because we use our knees every day, that enable us to live active, fulfilling lives we cannot prescribe a more useful, valuable and adaptable product to buy and use every day.   No chocolates and

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Paint is split into water or oil/solvent-based. Anything with oil takes longer to dry and generally more forgiving on older and uneven surfaces. With water-based (as the name suggests) is easy to wash off with

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Decorex Johannesburg

So most owners of Kneepals already know that the benefits of having one extend past household jobs to professionals as well. Whether its the health sector, building work, design, motoring ...

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