Summer Annuals are much like Superman – not only is their source of power the sun, they also love the glory.

The sprays of color, the banks of beauty, the towers of splendour – there is nothing quite like a summer garden in full bloom. Likened to a beauty contest, there are no silly answers, just a feast for the eyes.

Here is a selection of our trusted if not slightly vain annuals and like all beauty queens, they require a little praise (and a strict diet) … water in the evening and feed with a fertilizer specific for flowering:

1. Petunias
Great for borders, containers and hanging pots. Very hardy and can do with full sun.

2. Violets
There are over 500 species of violets alone. Edible, fragrant and happy enough in partial shade, this is a useful and easy plant to grow.

3. Dahlias
Start your dahlias early in pots. they love rich loose soil. They will flower all summer long.

4. Snapdragons
The fantastic showy flowers, these towering beauties really add a landscaped or styled element to your flower beds. They require a bit of pruning to keep them bushy and full of blooms.

5. Germaniums
By the sheer virtue of the versatility and easy-going nature of this plant, we had to include it. Easy to propagate, likely to withstand hot or cold weather and the variety of colors it should be a standard in any garden.