UTI Test Strip

UTI Test Strips



Convenient test at home UTI test strips for the presence of leukocytes and nitrites in the urine. Leukocytes and Nitrites indicate the presence of a urinary tract infection in men and women.

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UTI Test Strips

Urinalysis Test Strips to help with detect a urinary tract infection. Fast and reliable results.

Private and Convenient

Why suffer from those annoying and recurring UTI infections and repeat calls to the doctor’s rooms? Keep track of your urinary health with our easy-to-use and convenient UTI Test strips.

How do they work?
The UTI Test strips indicate the presence of Leukocytes and Nitrites in the urine. This allows you to take corrective measures if you feel a UTI coming on.

Who are they for?

Our Peepal UTI Test strips are suitable for men and women and alike.


50 Test Strips per Bottle



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UTI Test Strips

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