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Kneepal is a kneeler, or knee-cushion to protect the knees from being damaged when kneeling.  Don’t take chances with the “wheels” of the body.  Invest in a Kneepal and enjoy gardening and a million other things with the comfort of a Kneepal .



KneepalKneepal is a kneeler or knee cushion to protect the knees from being damaged when kneeling .

Our knees are the wheels of the body and we use them almost every waking hour – with Kneepal, we hope to prevent painful surgery in years to come.
It’s the perfect companion for bathing kids, gardening and DIY tasks. It’s easy to clean and store and is incredibly durable. It’s like kneeling on a marshmallow, but this ‘marshmallow’ will last a lifetime!

That’s right, we guarantee Kneepal for a lifetime – hand it down for generations 😉


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