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Kneepal All Round Family Kneeler



Kneepal Kneeler is an all-round family kneeler designed by a mom for use by families for any job that requires kneeling. It’s waterproof, thick and durable and ergonomically designed.


Thickest Kneeler on the Market

Kneepal is 7cm thick giving a big buffer between your knees and a hard surface.

Designed for All Body Types

Our Kneepal comes in one size, ideal for all body types and sizes.

Contoured Around the Knees

Kneepal fits around your Knees for better grip while kneeling.

The only Kneeler Designed to take Pressure off Your Knees

Its sloped downwards to add your weight onto your shins so you can kneel comfortably for longer.

Waterproof and Lightweight

It’s the perfect tool for indoor and outdoor use. Kneepal doesn’t mind getting wet, just rinse and let dry. Its also easy to carry around with a convenient handle and its lightweight.

Its the Perfect Tool for Any Job

Gardening, bathing kids, contracting, cleaning, DIY, automobile and exercise – any job that needs you to kneel, a Kneepal is the tool for the job.

Additional information

Weight 600 kg

New Green, Aqua, Charcoal


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Kneepal All Round Family Kneeler

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