Ketone Test Strips



Our easy-to-use Peepal keto-test strips have a myriad of uses, aiding in helping women fall pregnant, alerting us to UTI infections.  Test your urine and see what’s going on in your body!

BOX CONTENTS: 100 test strips


Peepal Ketone Test Strips  A member of our Peepal range of test strips.

Ketones are released when your body burns fat as an energy source.

Monitoring your ketones is also extremely useful for diabetics or those suffering from glucose related illnesses as to high ketones levels can cause health complications as well.

Following a low carb ketogenic, paleo or fasting diet these strips help monitor your Ketone levels ensuring your body stays in a ketosis.  Accurately measure your ketone levels by using these graded test strips helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

To test urine, remove one strip from the bottle and replace the cap immediately. Immerse the the strip in the urine specimen and take it out quickly. Wipe off excess urine against the rim of the specimen container. Read the test results within 60 seconds in a good light and with the test area held near the color chart on the bottle

There are 100 test strips in the box.



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Ketone Test Strips

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