Breast milk testing strips
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Breastmilk Testing Strips for Alcohol



Breastmilk Testing Strips for the presence of alcohol in breastmilk. Can detect levels from 0.02% to 0.3%.  Most effective if tested within 3 hours of consuming alcohol.

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Breast Milk Test Strips for Alcohol Content

If you are breastfeeding and would like to test your breastmilk after an alcoholic beverage then breastmilk test strips give you peace of mind that the few drinks you have consumed won’t affect your baby.

Conveniently packed in a bottle of 100 strips, our Booby Bar Breastmilk Test Strips can be kept on hand to test breastmilk before a feed.

How long does Alcohol stay in the Breastmilk?

Alcohol can be detected in the breastmilk up to 3hrs after consumption and is usually highest within an hour of consumption.

Graded Results

The test strips indicate the level of alcohol from 0.02% to 0.30%.

FDA Approved

The breast-milk test strips are recommended by Lactation Consultants. FDA and SAHPRA Approved


Each box contains 100 test strips.


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1 review for Breastmilk Testing Strips for Alcohol

  1. Jenny

    used these with both babies – great product

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Breastmilk Testing Strips for Alcohol

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