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Babypal is the diaper-change pad that has our mothers smiling and baby relaxed as diapers get changed. It’s portable and cleans with a wipe, no changing of covers. Designed to stop the wriggleand encourage baby to relax, it’s just a diaper change!



Babypal is the best diaper-changing pad by far! Babypal becomes familar and babies relax at diaper-change time

Change baby safely and do away with the wriggling and squirming.  Babypal offers the following:



  • Made from Grade AAA polyurethane, we are proud offer a life-time guarantee – go ahead, have that next kid 🙂
  • Waterproof
  • Hygienic – clean with a wipe, no changing of sheets
  • Lightweight – send the toddler to fetch it from the nursery when it’s diaper changing time
  • Habit – the wriggling stops the minute they lie on our friendly Hippo-shaped pad, because Baby knows what’s what – from the teeniest age!
  • Lastly, check out our 5 Star referrals on Takelot – we challenge you to find a better gift for a baby-shower

Going to a baby-shower? There is no better gift.

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