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An ergonomically designed Knee cushion that contours around your knees, providing comfort for all those jobs that require kneeling!

It’s the perfect companion for bathing kids, gardening and DIY tasks. It’s easy to clean and store and is incredibly durable. “It’s like kneeling on a marshmallow!”

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Our Kneepals are raised with one mission in life – to make their owners happy.

The remind us to be kinder to ourselves by being more comfortable when do our daily chores. How? They are designed to take pressure off the patella (knee area) and place it on the tibia (shin area) which allows the user to rest more comfortably on their knees for extended periods of time. The shape contours around your knees offering additional support and better grip too.

Our Kneepals come in one size and fits all manner of body types and shapes. Its also lightweight coming in at under 1kg, ideal for carrying around and for all family members to use.

Used by sportmen and women; those recovering or suffering with knee problems; churches and prayer groups; the medical profession from midwives to physios; gardeners and DIY, motor-mechanics or any mechanical profession where kneeling is required; contractors love taking it on site and just hose it down once done and of course moms and dads with the daily bath time routine!

All Kneepals are manufactured in sunny South Africa by really, really happy people. Our design is patented and the name Kneepal is trademarked under Kneepal (Pty) Ltd. If you would like to become an international stockist, please email suppliers@kneepal.com.

All shipments are sent via local courier and in your order you will receive one delightful and potty trained Kneepal plus its unassuming box.

Well, we have yet to disappoint but if you should feel unsatisfied with your Kneepal please let us know within 7 days of receipt of your order and we will replace or refund. Not to mention give a stern talking too to our little Kneepal. Please contact returns@kneepal.com.

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