In the privacy of your own home – test for conditions that might exist in your bodiy fluids. Our strips are easy to use and convenient.

Introducing our Peepal range of Products

A guide to how our Peepal ™ Test Strips can help you...

Our ovulation strips will guide you as to when your body is at it’s most fertile.  Ideal for those of us with irregular cycles.

Understand your body’s cycles with a simple test…

The process of using keto strips looks like this:

  • Wash your hands, then take a urine sample in a small container.
  • Immerse the absorptive end of the strip into the sample for a few seconds, then remove.
  • Wait for the amount of time outlined on the package for the strip to change color.
  • Compare the strip with the color chart on the packaging.
  • Dispose of the urine and strip in an appropriate manner before washing your hand

Know if your body is burning fat with a simple Peepal Keto urine-test strip.

And on a personal note.... Meet Georgie

What I am learning about Ketosis and how it can threaten the life of my son - coming from a place of ignorance to a place of understanding...

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