The Kneepal is a favourite gift for moms, dads and the rest of the family tasked with bathing babies and toddlers. For first time moms, here is a list of other must haves and nice to haves compiled by our experienced staff moms! If you are shopping for a baby shower present, then anyone of these will make a stunning gift for new parents. All items are available online through, stylish and useful baby gear shops such as Kids Emporium and of course South Africa’s trusted and favourited Dischem stores nationwide.


This list is in no particular order, but we have all found them very useful during that wonderful exhausting period of new motherhood.


  1. Sleep Sack – if your little one is a wriggler and tends to kick blankets off then this invention is a lifesaver. Guaranteed to keep them warm overnight and comes in a summer and winter thickness. Try the Grobag from


  1. Sophie the Giraffe – baby’s teeth start moving around from as early as 3 months. When fists go into mouths and the drool factor increases you know the little babes are starting that turbulent and often sleepless period. This chewable toy is the perfect companion to help ease the ache.


  1. Baby Carrier – babies love being next to the warmth and smell of mom or dad; and s carrier is so useful when you often need your hands free or just to take a quick walk without the bulkiness of a pram.


  1. Muslin Swaddle Cloth- babies love to be swaddled as it emulates the comfort of the womb and snugness is a secure feeling that lasts into adulthood. Muslin is light and comfortable allowing baby not to feel too hot. It’s a perfect and stylish gift for all new moms.


  1. Diaper Bag. – the more compartments the better! Make sure it looks good, as it will supplement that designer handbag for a good few months!


  1. Dummies – the person who invented dummies deserves the greatest honour the world and parents can bestow. They truly work wonders in soothing babies, so much so that little one will let you know asap when the dummy goes missing. It’s better to get baby attached to a dummy then a thumb as the dummy can always be taken away when baby is old enough, but sucking a thumb is a tough habit to get out of… Absolute baby and parent must have. Useful tip: From about 6 months on, leave a scattering of them in the cot for baby to find at night in need.


  1. Colic Drops or Gripe Water – if you have a baby that doesn’t settle well or tends to be gassy then these colic drops go a long way to helping you regain some sleep and composure. One drop on the dummy or in the bottle goes a long way.


  1. Nursing cover – nothing more awkward then showing a bit too much of yourself while trying to breastfeed in public. A nursing cover is extremely useful and allows mom and baby a bit of privacy without hindering mom’s social engagements too much. The design allows you to see baby while you breastfeed as well. Awesome pressie and a staple for any gift guide for new moms.


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