Multitasking Moms

Being busy is a state of mind they say, but we believe if you want something to get done give it to a mom.

We run households! From the tedium of grocery shopping, the pains of scrubbing out stains on our knees, and the Olympics of Cooking navigating contests and hurdles for fussy eaters while  still squeezing out some form of nutritional value – we take all these jobs headon and tell ourselves physical labour is a form of relaxation. Moms, with our time, love and effort we make a house a home, stains and all.

If you want something done, give it to a mom… #MultitaskingMoms

We work full-time! Part-time! Stay at home! As women our brains are like washing machines when it comes to this struggle, the sacrifice trying to balance our roles; of who we are and what we actually want. The time away – its indulgent guilt and the sweet relief. Whatever your choice, we fellow femmes get it!

There are doctors’ appointments for repeat ear infections; the tone of your own voice saying ‘you do that one more time’ more than 5x a day, daily and occasionally throwing in ‘I am warning you!’ to add gravitas; attending a parade of birthday parties with a parade of presents; to hours kneeling broadside bath side listening to the banter amused albeit exhausted. Supermom, you try to be there for it all.

And somewhere we find time to exercise to feel good about ourselves, to de-stress and justify those blessed cappuccinos that make our sleeplessness blend into normality. No, I don’t look tired, this is just my face now.

And if at the end of the day you still feel like you have achieved little, remember that some days are measured in lists and others in moments, but always they should end with this task:

#592. I am doing it all, I got this, I will be kinder to myself.