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The Knee Cushion

An ergonomically designed Knee cushion that contours around your knees, providing comfort for all those jobs that require kneeling!

Kneepal was created by a mom, granny, housewife, sportswoman, businesswoman and generally busy person who has done it all and learnt that its important to be in the moment and doing more of what makes us happy while being comfortable.

It’s the perfect companion for bathing kids, gardening and DIY tasks. It’s easy to clean and store and is incredibly durable. “It’s like kneeling on a marshmallow!”

No more kneeling on cold and hard bathroom tiles or wet towels. Any parent knows how agonising and uncomfortable bath-time can be but it’s also great bonding time.

It has a soft but supportive, moulded area for your knees to be placed and a carry handle making it ideal to move around the home & garden. It’s waterproof and doesn’t mind being wet!

The Kneepal has a light and portable design – making it the perfect companion for tyre changes or any household DIY projects. This handy kneepad will become one of your most used favourites.

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