Kneepal is the perfect gift


An ergonomically designed kneeler or pad, providing comfort for all those jobs that require kneeling!

Kneepal was created by a mom, granny, housewife, sportswoman, businesswoman and generally busy person who has done it all and learnt that its important to be in the moment and doing more of what makes us happy while being comfortable.

Take care of your knees... they're expensive!

Painful knees - usually an early warning call...
Washing puppies with Kneepal
Knee surgery - between $30 000 and-
$ 50 000
Use a kneeler - use Kneepal

"Thanks South Africa for making the Kneepal the hit it is. Thanks to Ling for helping us get going in USA. And Hello the United Kingdom. Two Mommies - saving knees everywhere!"



Quick Answers

Injuries from childhood can manifest in pain in later years  – Obesity,  lack of excercise, too much excercise,  and very often acidity can corrode the joints

in 2020 the average cost was US Dollar $30,000 and $50,000

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