Kneepal Versatility

The Kneepal is a versatile and useful addition to your household.

It’s a contoured kneeling pad designed to take reduce knee injuries by taking pressure off your knee cap and placing it on your shin. It cushions your knees for extended periods of kneeling while you need to get that job done.

Kneepal Versatility

If you are looking for a gift for a gardener; new mom; mechanic; builder; carpenter; plumber; electrician; tiler; cyclist; physio; nurse or someone who has had a knee opp etc… then the Kneepal is the perfect gift to give.

For moms and grannies bathing kids, kneel in comfort while spending quality time with your kids and grandkids.

Dads, grandads, uncles, and those mates who love tinkering in the garage and working on your cars, motorbikes, and bicycles or any DIY task – the Kneepal is a handy gift for any age and for those that love working with their hands.

Gardeners who take their gardening tasks seriously – weeding; planting; seeding – grab your Kneepal, and your sunhat and spend some quality time outdoors in the sunshine.

Looking after your knees should not be a retrospective decision when poor health descends – treat your body as an investment and value all the little deposits you make to ensure the vitality and good health. Protect yourself from knee injuries and use a Kneepal.

This Versatile Kneepal, a perfect gift for the family…every household kneeds one!

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