Because we use our knees every day, that enable us to live active, fulfilling lives we cannot prescribe a more useful, valuable and adaptable product to buy and use every day.


No chocolates and biscuits that are fattening, or sweet-smelling bath stuff that sits in your bathroom vanity for years; clothes that you would never wear; or wine (ok maybe the wine) -rather look at buying a Kneepal for family and friends. It’s a versatile product that comes with no instruction manual, no size limit, and no age limit.


When you are kneeling, you are likely engaged in an activity that requires effort. And when effort abounds, so does a sense of purpose and joy (even groveling can leave us feeling happier). So, encourage your loved ones to spend more time on their knees engaged in the activities they love: fixing their motorbike or bicycle; changing the oil in the old car; cleaning the garage out; scrubbing floors (some people enjoy that); painting; tiling; carpentry work; plumbing; electrical; gardening; praying; bathing the kids; and of course the odd apology.


If you are looking for the right present for your aunty, brother, pastor, friend or work colleague, then choose a Kneepal; everybody kneeds one.


You are never too young to take out insurance and you should never be too young to look after your body!