Self-care is a habit that we as adults tend to de-prioritize as not important. It involves actively doing something that prioritizes our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Most people get lost at the word active.


By teaching our kids to take care of themselves (beyond the obvious colloquialism) we are in essence reminding them to be aware of themselves. What do we mean by aware? Well, by asking your child “are you happy”, or “are you proud of the way you look today?” teaches children to be conscious of action and consequence. Asking a child if they are happy implies a level of control within the child, that the child has the decision to choose to be happy. Kids should be taught awareness through their habits; for example we brush our teeth because it makes me happy to have a beautiful smile.


Kids perhaps are not apt to explore their emotions and mental awareness until a certain age but physical awareness and indeed wellness is paramount to their healthy development.


How do we encourage physical awareness? Start with sleep, exercise and personal hygiene.


Sticking to a consistent bedtime routine and time enforces the regimen that our bodies need recovery and rest.  By including “because we need to look after ourselves” we are enforcing the idea of self-care.


Making physical activity an everyday event in your family and by telling them the why is equally important… because exercising makes me feel better and appreciate my healthy body. Because exercise allows me to better clear my thoughts.


Personal hygiene is the more taxing of the three. Getting kids to bath is one of the many challenges of being a parent (including getting them to follow instructions the first time round, not losing shoes/keys/siblings, eating green sweets but not green vegetables, going to bed on time and… oh gosh the list is pretty long, but we tend to forget these obstacles when we gaze at the little prince and princesses sleeping beautifully in their beds).


However, like sleep and exercise, personal hygiene is a ritual that needs to take place for humans to function. Little humans too.


By adding bubble bath or bath products and explaining why – because everyone wants to smell nice and be clean. By adding bath toys we should explain to our kids that this time is important to relax and be happy in the moment. Have a special cloth or sponge that allows the child to take ownership of his or her cleanliness and mimics the parents routine.


As for washing hair, invest in secret bath goggles. One of the future products Huduhealth may consider adding.


We believe that kids should never be spoken down to and from a young age encouraged to be independent and think for themselves. Encourage a discerning mind by asking questions and never forgetting the why. There is no better time for bonding, sharing and learning then that bath-time routine.


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