DIY is a fantastic way to keep busy and have the satisfaction that you have achieved something with your spare time.

As we head into this compulsory lockdown due to COVID-19 some of us will have some free time on our hands. Therein lies the perfect opportunity to do those long-overdue tasks that your partner may have been nagging you about or you yourself have felt guilt for neglecting.

Here are some pointers if you are in this situation:

Start with a list

If you are a compulsive list-maker then chances are you are more organized then most. We recommend making a list of all items that require attention, adding the time required, skillset and costs involved. Prioritize your projects this way. It’s always good to start with the easy and quick, tick those off then doing a little bit of each every day and not finishing (and probably becoming overwhelmed).

When should you do it or call in a professional?

If the area requiring attention needs technical expertise or someone with a high-level of knowledge to execute then rather pay the professional. These go for obvious tasks such as electrical or building work and those areas that put your life in danger.

If you are itching to become a budding carpenter, start small. No point in aspiring for that amazing dining room table when you just won’t get that high-quality or store-bought finish.

When should you start a project?

Well, a lot of DIY projects remain unfinished due to time constraints, cash constraints and lack of tools. If you plan on starting a project make sure you follow it through, in other words, don’t be too ambitious.

If it brings order or structure into your home, its probably a good idea.

Storage, cleaning up and organizational projects are always a win because when our home is ordered our minds are ordered. There are fantastic DIY projects for every room and every cluttery mess in the home – just google it!


A little help…

Here are a list of fantastic online resources if you need some assistance with your planned DIY task. – all woodworking projects for any and all skill levels. – all home and DIY articles and projects – A DIY task library


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