Babypal – The Bestselling Baby Changing Pad designed by a Mom

Discover Babypal, our 5-star rated baby changing pad that adds comfort and style to diaper-changes.

Shaped like a hippo’s face, this well-designed changing pad promises comfort for baby and convenience for you

Baby’s head is raised giving them more comfort during change time, plus it promotes eye contact and bonding. 

A coverless changing pad, Babypal is no mess, no fuss. Just wipe it down in need. 

Made from high quality polyurethane foam, that gives it durability. Its also designed in a way to save on materials and enhance portability – just grab it and carry it wherever you need it next. 

Colours Available:

Light Grey

Babypal Changing Pad

Designed by a mom of 4 to bring comfort and convenience to change time


46cm x 67cm x 7cm
18.1in x 26.4in x 2.8in


3.6lbs making it lighter than most high quality changing pads and easier to carry around

Ergonomics & Design

Baby’s head is slightly elevated to the rest of their body
Raised Sides to prevent rolling
Soft firm texture

Waterproof and Lightweight

Made From

High quality polyurethane foam designed to last

Light Grey

Babypal Contoured Baby Changing Pad

Babypal is meticulously designed to cocoon your baby during changing time. Its raised sides prevent rolling, ensuring a secure space for your little one.

Curved surface icon

Elevated Head for Eye Contact

The head of Babypal is thoughtfully elevated, allowing for precious eye contact between you and your baby during changing time.

Elevated head for eye contact

Aid for Reflux Babies

Keeping the baby’s head elevated is known to help with reflux. Babypal offers this additional support, contributing to a more comfortable experience for your baby.

Elevated Icon

Lightweight and Durable Design

Despite its size, Babypal is both lightweight and durable. Its clever design minimizes weight, making it easy to carry around the house or on outings. Sturdy and lasting, it’s ideal for use with multiple siblings.

Lightweight design icon

Exceptional Quality

Crafted from high-quality foam, Babypal surpasses conventional baby-changing pads in durability, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for your changing needs.

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Easy Maintenance – Just Wipe Clean

Say goodbye to expensive covers! Babypal can handle all kinds of messes and a bit of wetness. Simply rinse off and wipe clean for hassle-free maintenance.

Wipe clean icon

Suitable for 18 months

With dimensions of 46cm x 67cm x 7cm, Babypal accommodates newborns up to 18 months, ensuring prolonged use as your baby grows.

Babypal Sizing Icon

Adorable Nursery Decor with a Hippo Face

The super cute hippo face design not only ensures a delightful changing experience but also complements any well-thought-out nursery decor. It’s also a perfect baby shower present.

Babypal Hippos face


I love this! Easy to carry around and change baby’s diaper in any room. Also easy cleaning!

Kayla, South Africa

This changing pad is bigger and better than I expected, very well made and cute at the same time. It’s got some weight to it and does not slide around at all – also easy to keep clean. Very happy with the purchase.

Shelly, South Africa
Babypal Eye contact

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Elevate your baby’s changing moments with the comfort and charm of Babypal, your go-to baby changing pad.

Babypal in Color Aqua