Gardening with Kids

tips for raising independent children

Teaching kids about gardening encourages an appreciation for nature from a young age. It also shows the impact of putting effort into something and seeing a result. It shows awareness of where our food comes from as well and a skill that will always provide for you. How do we start? Designate an area of […]

Tips for avoiding a knee replacement!

Tips for Avoiding a Knee Replacement Arthroplasty  Arthroplasty (surgical replacement of the joint) is most frequently performed on the knee given its location and the fact that it holds the body’s weight. It’s not surprising that knees are the first joints to show stress. Knee injuries and arthritis are a pandemic that affect the young and […]

6 Every Day and Easy Tips for Better Health

Let’s go over these 6 Every Day and Easy Tips for Better Health: Be outdoors more – gardening, going for walks or having 10 mins of Vit DD every day is medically proven to improve bone density, elevate signs of anxiety, stress and depression, improve focus and boost your immune system. Go to bed 30 […]

Kneepal Versatility

The Kneepal is a versatile and useful addition to your household. It’s a contoured kneeling pad designed to take reduce knee injuries by taking pressure off your knee cap and placing it on your shin. It cushions your knees for extended periods of kneeling while you need to get that job done. If you are […]

Kneepal is the perfect gift – here is why

Kneepal is the perfect gift? Because we use our knees every day, that enable us to live active, fulfilling lives we cannot prescribe a more useful, valuable and adaptable product to buy and use every day. No chocolates and biscuits that are fattening, or sweet-smelling bath stuff that sits in your bathroom vanity for years; […]

Are midwives still popular?

Are midwives still popular? Let’s take a look at the data. There is no doubt that a midwife’s responsibility and primary goal is to look after the health of mother and baby. Her focus is on you, the expectant mother, to help you manage this difficult and overwhelming time. Like a mother, she is there with […]

Multitasking Moms

Multitasking Moms Being busy is a state of mind they say, but we believe if you want something to get done give it to a mom. We run households! From the tedium of grocery shopping, the …

Teach your kids to be grateful

Zig Ziglar said gratefulness is the healthiest of all human emotions, and as parents its one emotion we tend not to prioritize. Teach your kids to be grateful, to find happiness with what they have and not what they want. Does it matter if your kids don’t have everything? What message are we sending them […]