Sheldene du Plessis
Sheldene du PlessisFounder & CEO

I’m Sheldene, a proud mother of four, a dedicated businesswoman, and a creative enthusiast.

As a mom, managing a bustling household while seeking balance and joy is a challenge I understand well. My journey inspired products that go beyond functionality, resonating with the heart of family life.

I believe household chores should offer comfort and creativity, not stress.

Gardening is my therapeutic escape, a moment to reconnect with nature. Recognizing others share this sentiment, I was driven to create a product eliminating the discomfort of sore knees during these precious moments.

Changing my babies brought unique challenges, but also rewarding experiences. With four little ones, I yearned for more eye contact during changing time. Babypal, a changing pad, was born out of this desire to create more meaningful moments with my children. It transforms changing time into a bonding ritual, ensuring every smile, giggle, and interaction becomes integral to your parenting journey.

Welcome to Hudu Health, where comfort, creativity, and the joys of parenthood seamlessly come together.

Ling Tam
Ling TamCFO

Meet Ling, the visionary force at Hudu Health.

Passionate about natural healing, Ling believes in a balanced life. Juggling a full-time career, raising three children, and running marathons, she understands the challenges of maintaining health in a busy world.

Ling’s commitment to holistic well-being led her to create products that seamlessly integrate into moms’ daily routines. Understanding the importance of convenience, value, and comfort, she crafts products that support family health and happiness.

For Ling, Hudu Health is about more than products—it’s about fostering kindness and well-being in every household. She envisions our products becoming essential, adding value, durability, and thoughtful design to daily life.

Join Ling and the Hudu Health team on a journey toward a world where health is convenient, and our products bring warmth and kindness to every home.

Welcome to Hudu Health, where wellness meets design, and every product speaks the language of comfort and compassion.