Goal: How can we make things easier for the modern, crazy-busy family?

Three of the answers were dead-easy! 

Kneepal – putting the fun back into simple things, like bathing the kids.  Babypal came next – stop the wriggling – Baby knows what he’s there for, from the teeniest age.

And now Peepal – practical simple strips answering private questions.

Result – more time to focus on the family!  Our products are available in the USA, UK and of course, South Africa.

PS: Thanks South Africa for the wonderful ratings!

We are inspired by our own families

We chose the name Hudu because it means kindness and abundance. As moms we value kindness first and that’s what we teach our kids. It’s a fundamental value and life skill. As mom’s we should aim to be kinder to ourselves but there never seems to be enough time and naturally we deprioritise our needs.

The products Ling and I have chosen are from our own families – whether its bathing kids and spending hours kneeling beside the bath. Taking endless ovulation tests when all you hoped for was the BFP. Or a family member that battles with glucose management we needed to find a better solution to suit us.

Our kids give us ideas, we design test and source them and finally bring them to you. We hope to bring a full range of personal care products to every home in the world and want to grow our product range by listening to families out there and what they need.

Every home should have a Kneepal. Everyone should look to natural methods to help manage day to day stress. Steadily, we will find the best answers to our wellness needs and design the best solutions for our family and yours.

Thank you
Sheldene and Ling

I am a wife and mom to 4 kids and a qualified chartered accountant.

I love building products and putting all the pieces in place to bring to market – there is always a lot of moving parts and challenges – and seeing our family use your products and give their feedback is the ultimate reward.

I hope to grow Huduhealth into a global business offering solutions to family wellness needs in every country.

Sheldene du Plessis

CEO, designer, marketer, tea-maker and overall "Pushy-gets-things-done" gal

I am a wife and mom to 3 super smart and sporty kids. I am a fan of holistic and natural healing, a marathon runner and aspiring tri-athlete.

I also live on a beautiful game farm in South Africa. I offer the critical and practical review of all our products, ensuring they are the best solution for the challenge we are trying to solve.

Ling Tam

CFO, Sourcing, Execution, Common Sense Talker and lover of Wine.

The Hudu Health journey -
it began with Kneepal®


Kneepal is born...

2012 and Ingrid Conroy brings the first Kneepal to market - she designs it and markets it in South Africa with great success.


Sheldene buys the business...

sees the global potential for this very useful product and has ambitions of adding a range of products to help moms like herself.

The Tam family behind Kneepal

Ling joins to help tackle the international markets...

Ling is strict on a natural approach to her family's health needs and feels there is a strong need to share what she has learnt. Sheldene and Ling team up and Huduhealth is created.


We launch our second product...

Inspired by many hours changing nappies, Sheldene designs babypal to help her reflux babie. Perfect timing for baby number 4 James.


Expanding to the UK

Sheldene and family relocate to the UK to grow the business and save the Brits knees one Kneepal at a time.


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