Here at Huduhealth HQ, we are all about the home and family. Your home should be a reflection of the family that lives within it. This includes the some crayon marks on the wall and the odd souvenir. However, we all know that instant mental drain when we stare at a mess.  Dis-organization is not so much habit as it is lacking the proper tools to do it right the first time. Here are some handy tips to keeping your home organized and tranquil.

 P.s. a Kneepal would be a handy tool as there will be kneeling involved. We recommend adding some music as well and your favourite beverage.


Step 1: Do it one day at a time.

Rather focus on categories than rooms. Start with paper or filing on a Monday, clothing on a Tuesday etc. Make lists of your frustrations and prioritize accordingly. It’s also easier to be thorough once you focus on one specific area, instead of getting sidetracked in your bedroom/lounge etc. trying to decide and find homes for all these items (who doesn’t have the one drawer in the house that is home a compendium of junk).

Step 2: Be strict with clothes

That familiar feeling standing in front of the closet and feeling like you have nothing to wear… that is the number one sign you need to do a clean out.

Take everything out until your closet is barren. Create 3 piles – one for “I haven’t worn in a year or its damaged”, one pile for “I wear all the time” and the third pile “it doesn’t fit me”.

Go through each pile individually. If you haven’t worn it in a year, ask yourself why? Be honest, you’ll find you’ll land up giving most of this pile away. If the closes have marks, holes or any other visible issues – it really is time to pass it on.

Pack the stragglers of the first pile (if you still think there is a chance, you’ll wear it) and the “I wear all the time” pile back in the closet.

In the “it doesn’t fit me” pile be fair to yourself – no point in making yourself feel guilty by hanging onto those pre-, pre-, pre-pregnancy jeans. You may still be in great shape but sometimes our bodies go through natural changes. Donate or pass on those jeans to someone who will get some good mileage out of them!

Step 3: Go paperless

Keep one pile of paper in the house (even if you buy a box to keep it in) and be rigorous in clearing it out every week. This box is in the kitchen in our home. With the blessings of iCloud and Dropbox there is no reason to have paper lying around the house. Certificates, warranties, receipts (if needed) can all be scanned or sent electronically when making an expensive purchase. Mail, catalogs, menus, old birthday cards – chuck!

This includes books you don’t read, cookbooks that are out of date, old magazines in the living room and bathrooms.

Step 4: The Garage

There should be designated zones in the garage for tools & hardware, household maintenance (paints, sprays, oils) and gardening implements. Utilize the wall space as well by creating outlines where tools should go, knocking a nail in and reserving that spot. Old products or broken tools need to be chucked.

Step 5: Expired or old

Go through each cupboard throwing out expired or old products. Decant near empty bottles into fuller ones.

Step 6:

Commit to 5 minutes a day. It doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but just being mindful of the debris a busy life causes can help save hours later on. You’ll feel good about it, so take the 5 minutes and neaten up.


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