6 Every Day and Easy Tips for Better Health

6 Every Day and Easy Tips for Better Health

Let’s go over these 6 Every Day and Easy Tips for Better Health:

Be outdoors more – gardening, going for walks or having 10 mins of Vit DD every day is medically proven to improve bone density, elevate signs of anxiety, stress, and depression, improve focus and boost your immune system.

Go to bed 30 mins earlier every day. Sleep deprivation as well as excessive sugar ages you. Allowing your mind to decompress, recover and rest is the equivalent of taking your body for a 10-minute walk. Everyone always feels better after a brief walk and even greater after a great night’s sleep. Better concentration, less inclined to eat badly during the day, stronger immunity, and happier thoughts.

No digital devices or tv 30mins before bed – being engaged or wired to a device has the opposite effect required to winding down. It has been scientifically proven to suppress melatonin which is a very necessary sleepy hormone. Don’t even get us started on checking emails after 7 pm!

Practice mindful eating – paying attention to what you eat sounds obvious, but one can be surprised by how and when we consume our calories during the day. Being conscious of what we eat allows for better weight management and a happier functioning self. Sauces, snacking on too much fruit or nuts (despite the health factor), milky cappuccinos, and caffeinated drinks are all responsible for that stubborn last few kgs. Denying yourself is never sustainable, so opt more for negotiation tactics. Craving a slice of cake and a great cup of coffee? Then skip that slice of toast and fruit for breakfast, add a glass of water or two in the morning to your routine – and go have that quality me-time at your favorite coffee shop!

Eat more protein – this does not translate into eating more meat necessarily but rather a food that sustains our appetite for longer periods and acts as the building block and paramedics to our cells. Protein builds muscle strengthens our bones and softer tissues and keeps those daily energy dips at bay.

Drink water – this is harder than it sounds. A successful tip to keep up this habit is to make it into a habit. Have a glass of water when you wake up and when before bedtime. Have a glass before you have a cup of tea. Add goodies to your water to vary the flavor and add interest – blueberries, mint, slices of apple, cucumber, or lemon – get creative! Leave a glass water bottle in your car to sip in traffic or have one on your desk. If it’s there you will drink it. Water is good for digestion, it’s great for skin and removing toxins, and is imperative for the day-to-day functioning of our bodies.

We hope you follow these 6 Every Day and Easy Tips for Better Health tips and see improvements in your overall health!

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