Allowing kids to make their own decisions is a critical part of the learning process and helps give them perspective when mom and dad talk about that magical and mythical word called “experience”.

tips for raising independent children

Here are five tips for raising independent children:

Start by Trying

By encouraging your kids to give it a go, builds their confidence in looking at the world with positivity and interest. It also teaches them that failure is ok and very much a part of life.

Teach them they have a place in this family and a role to play.

By showing and telling your kids that they are loved and needed, and support will always be there for them helps them become more independent as they know they have some place good to return too. By including them in specific activities such as chores or tasks also makes them feel needed and that their role is vital to the family working cogs.

Lead by example

By you yourself trying new things and encouraging learning and wonder of the world it’s natural for your kids to be more comfortable with it and follow suit.

Let them decide.

The many choices we make on a daily basis on behalf of our kids, for brevity and sanities sake, is actually disempowering them. Involve them in the decision-making process – what to wear, what wholesome food to pack for lunch, what to watch for the family movie and in fact maybe to keep quiet when you see them jumping on the furniture and can foresee an accident happening. The best way to learn is through experience.

Kids need routine

The logic here is that children are more comfortable to try new things when they have structure to return too. Having the stability of routine, and familiarity gives all of us (parents too!) the confidence and psychological benefit of “I’m doing alright, everything is fine”. The same can be said for kids. Imagine the opposite, of a tumultuous home life, late nights and little structure – the kids will be emotionally charged acting out and insecure.

Above are the 5 tips for raising independent children tο hеlp thеm grοw intο аѕ self-sufficient adults. keeping these tips іn mind wіll allow уου tο better support уουr child аѕ thеу develop thеir independence.

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