These plants are known to give back to the garden by creating biomass (foliage); adding nitrogen and organic matter back into the soil and breaking up clay soil to make plant roots happier.

1. Comfrey
Comfrey often gets compared to manure because of the high level of organic matter. It accumulates a lot of nutrients and is high in nitrogen. Its leaves are used as activators for compost piles and brewed in ‘compost tea’ for plants.
2. Nettles
Nettles are great to kick-start a compost pile and can be fermented into a compost tea. They are somewhat of a hairy spiky plant so its better to grow it away from the house, and rather use it for its composting characteristics.
3. Borage
An edible crop with furry leaves and blue flowers, is known as living compost. Plant a borage plant near any other plant and see both plants thrive. Borage is great for attracting bees into your garden as well and to encourage overall pollination.
4. Red Clover
Cover crops perform an important function as they stop the soil from drying out. By using cover crops this allows the soil to rest. They protect and both feed the soil.
Red Clover, known as the nitrogen fixer, it absorbs nitrogen from the air and into a form meaningful to plants. Its known as living mulch.
5. Alfalfa
Legumes are little garden warriors. High in protein, alfalfa which is a form of legume really injects life back into soil. They are great for livestock as well forming part of a nutritious diet. Cut alfalfa grass can be added to compost or spread in flower beds to be eaten and composted by the soil gradually.