Arthritis is inflammation of the joints caused by changes in the cartilage between your bones. Symptoms can be developed by anyone and normally feel like stiffness or joint pain where your mobility in that area is reduced.

While seeing a specialist or taking medication is an option to treat the pain, there are natural less invasive options available to you to help manage the pain on an ongoing basis.

Watch what you eat 🍟🍔
Certain foods have been proven to worsen the effects of arthritis. Red meat, processed foods and sugars can cause inflammation around the joints which goes hand in hand with arthritis. If a poor diet is consumed there is a high chance other knock-on health conditions will be experienced as well such as acidity in the body, high cholesterol and blood pressure, heart disease and obesity. These are all factors that contribute to arthritis as well.
Manage your weight 🏊‍♂‍🚴‍♀‍
As if there aren’t enough health benefits to maintaining a healthy weight, arthritis is exacerbated if your BMI is above normal levels. This puts strain on all your joints (including those that don’t currently suffer from arthritis). Being at a manageable weight also implies an active or mobile lifestyle which lubricates the joints and improves flexibility, and healthy tissue regeneration.

Massage Therapy 💆‍♀‍💆‍♂‍
Massage therapy has both proven to improve physical and mental stress. It also may help manage joint pain and discomforts. Though it’s not as effective as diet or losing weight, a targeted massage can help alleviate inflammation.

Hot and Cold Packs ❄️☀️
These may help with stiffness, swelling and pain and can be used individually or consecutively.

A Daily Tumeric Drink 🍹🥤
Turmeric contains curcumin which has anti-inflammatory properties.
Look at this tonic recipe from Minimalist Baker for a daily concoction of antibodies, antioxidants, and alkalizing properties. (…/)