When it comes to breastfeeding everyone from your hairstylist to your aunt seems to have an opinion, some of the advice helpful and the rest not. To help you through this uncertain time, Here are 5 myths and facts on breastfeeding.


1. Breastfeeding comes naturally to moms.

Nope, it takes practice and effort. Breastfeeding is like a bra – it’s all about positioning and support. Guidance from experienced mums and midwives is a must. Your nipples will thank you.


2. It’s supposed to hurt.

Initially yes, but if you have your basics right (like a baby not sucking directly on the areola) then it should feel quite wonderful. The whole nipple should be in the baby’s mouth and if it burns then the baby is probably not latched properly.


3. Avoid certain foods and alcohol.

A mother’s diet should be balanced, having said that eating particularly spicy or acidic food might interrupt the baby’s digestion. If you have a colicky or reflux baby, its best to eat a wholesome diet low in triggers and allergens. That being said, if your diet consists of spicy food and it is what you have always eaten, then it’s yet to be argued why this would affect the baby adversely as chances are, they would be more “acclimatized” to this diet.

 As for alcohol, each mom is different and like they say everything in moderation.


4. I didn’t produce enough milk.

The body knows and will produce what the baby needs. If the baby is unsettled and appears still to be hungry, then allow for more frequent feedings. Your body will respond by producing more milk. Speak to your pharmacist as to what supplements might aid in milk production such as brewer’s yeast.


5. Watch the medication you are taking when breastfeeding.

Yes, this is true and it’s always better to speak to a doctor first, however breastfeeding mothers rarely have to stop breastfeeding their babies because of medication.


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