Hedges can be dissected into many different categories based on spread of growth, formality; privacy requirements etc. These are our favorites based on ease of growth, general lack of fussiness and of course beauty!

 All hedges require regular pruning including the bottom branches and around the trunk – just the perfect task to use your favorite garden kneeling pad and get snipping!


  1. Abelia

One could probably refer to this hedge as a ‘the starter pack’ of hedges it’s so easy going. Its low maintenance suffers not from diseases, doesn’t mind the shade or lack of water and requires only the odd caress. Sounds a bit like the perfect husband.
There are many varieties that determine shape and speed of growth and its best to speak to your local nursery about which would suit your garden. 

  1. Pittosporum

These plants grow fairly rapidly and are rather tall if left to their own devices. What we love about pittosporum is the diversity of the show – fantastic silver sheen again a darker green hedge as the backdrop; or variegated for a bit depth. This bountiful plant is the perfect addition to any garden – formal or otherwise.

  1. Rosemary

This plant makes the cut based on the romance affect. Walking along the garden path with the scent of rosemary, the buzz of bees and a salute of stalks as they stand tall finding their place in the sunshine. Their year-round colors frames any structure -whether it’s a fountain, flower bed or wall – with architectural perfection.
Extremely low maintenance, easy to grow, another great addition to the garden.

  1. Golden Privet

Duranta is often a staple plant in most South African gardens with a more English, country appeal.
These shrubs have the potential to grow to exceedingly and surprisingly tall heights and are ideal for shaping and contouring. -they allow the garden to have that bit more of ‘flash and formality’. Color tends to change through the seasons, and it does not tolerate severe frost well.

  1. Spekboom

Now this plant is not for all gardeners nor is it for all gardens however when it comes to usefulness (something one wouldn’t always assimilate with hedges other than their one obvious goal) spekboom wins the cake.
It converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at a rate that’s 10x more effective than the rainforests… so if you are feeling annoyed and need some fresh air, don’t be surprised to see your family gawking at you through the window while you inhale deep lungfuls hovering above your spekboom hedge. Or better yet work out your stresses by grabbing your Kneepal and get some vitamin D and garden work done!

 Spekboom is also a cheap plant (got to love those!) in the sense that if you have the patience one plant can yield a whole family. Simply take a slip and replant. Easy to propagate, loves hot or cold weather and doesn’t need much water.

 Its glorious deep green color and pink blossoms make it our favourite.


And if you know someone with a picture-perfect hedge that sets the stage for a picture-perfect garden, why not buy them a Kneepal – it the perfect gift for an assortment of hedge enthusiasts – High maintenance and fussy to natural Mediterranean beauties.

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